Information Technology

V. Papakonstantinou, Information Technology Law (in Greek), 2010

MPlegal specialises in all fields of Information Technology Law (including, the legal protection of computer programs, software development / end-user license agreements, software patents, the legal protection of databases through the EU sui generis database right, data protection, privacy, e-commerce, internet law, software liability, domain names, Web 2.0 applications, IoT – Internet of Things, smartphone apps, computer crime etc.).

All our Firm’s members practice actively in the field, coming from an academic background with a relevant focus (post-graduate degrees). We also share, in private, a keen interest in the field, being fascinated by its development both from a technical and a commercial perspective; we therefore actively struggle to remain informed of all latest developments, a task that, apart from self-fulfilment, offers to our clients a competitive advantage (because information is communicated both ways).

We nevertheless do not claim to be information technology wizards, and we carefully listen and analyze new technologies or business methods presented to us by our clients.

Our experience in the field is complemented by our members’ regulatory, research and lecturing work. Different angles provide different views on the field, keeping however always in mind the benefit of our clients.