MPlegal is, ultimately, a business law firm. We take pride in providing our corporate clients with state-of-the-art legal counsel on any aspect of their business activities, and assist them actively in accomplishing their targets.

We consider our specialization in our areas of expertise an asset to our clients. We do not thus claim to offer an all-around treatment of any and all legal issues within the corporate environment. Whenever an issue lies outside our fields of specialization, we refer the matter to an expert in the respective field; it is through a network of outside legal experts that we offer state-of-the-art legal services on all business law fields to our clients. Our engagement as the “interface” among our clients and such experts ensures a guaranteed and unhindered flow of services. Clients thus profit both from a well-known environment and save on resources from needless “educational” charges.

Our approach in the field remains essentially the same as in the case of our areas of expertise: we begin from our in-depth understanding of the business and legal matters behind each case, in order to provide to our clients informed, flexible and adaptable solutions.