Online marketing

Over the past few years online marketing has developed to become one of the most significant business sectors globally. In essence, internet business models of all sizes are based on effective implementation of online marketing policies – and the income therefrom. This has led to the emergence of various legal issues, ranging from the processing of personal data to copyright issues as well as, broadly, the legal protection of content. Internet taxation (the taxation of internet-related activities) also falls within the same field.

MPlegal has accumulated significant experience on planning and executing online marketing strategies and campaigns ever since the first uses of the internet to this end. It has subsequently followed closely all developments, legal and business, in the respective models both in Greece and abroad. MPlegal is therefore able to provide its clients with practical,  informed and up to date services while devising, planning and putting in practice any type of online business model relevant to their business.

MPlegal is consulting significant marketing companies assisting them with projects organized both in Greece and abroad. We provide, client-centered support during the execution of marketing campaigns, addressing queries pertaining to their organisation particulars and drafting the respective contracts; we also take pride in being, in more than one instances, the first to assess the lawfulness of innovative projects and campaigns, providing alternatives and our extensive hands-on experience, when necessary.